Daily Alerts: 20/11/2019 - Happy Trading!
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %RatingStrength
AccumulationDGBICT0.16565% 3.0A++
AccumulationHSPLANTOil Palm1.68.8% 10.0A+
AccumulationCARLSBGAlcohol28.123.4% 10.0A
AccumulationN2N-WBICT0.1958.3% 10.0A
AccumulationPIEIndustrial Products1.498% 10.0A
AccumulationSUCCESSTransformer and Lighting Products0.979% 8.8A
AccumulationJTIASAOil Palm, Timber0.57522.3% 7.0A
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
ADX CrossoverKLKOil Palm23.64.9% 10.0
ADX CrossoverKSLProperties0.771.3% 10.0
ADX CrossoverBJTOTOGaming2.622.3% 10.0
ADX CrossoverNESTLEFnB1461.2% 10.0
ADX CrossoverTALIWRKToll, Waste Management, Water Treatment0.9051.1% 9.8
ADX CrossoverMAGNUMGaming2.770.7% 9.5
ADX CrossoverMASTEELSteel0.351.4% 7.0
ADX CrossoverUMWAutomotive4.50.7% 6.0
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
MACD CrossoverBJTOTOGaming2.622.3%10.0
MACD CrossoverLBALUMAluminium0.53.1%9.5
MACD CrossoverIVORYProperties0.195.6%7.5
MACD CrossoverGUHPrinter Circuit Boards, Water Treatment0.493.2%7.5
MACD CrossoverMASTEELSteel0.351.4%7.0
MACD CrossoverPWFAnimal Feed, Poultry0.730.7%6.5
MACD CrossoverIRISTechnology0.1453.6%4.5
MACD CrossoverBRAHIMSFnB, Freightforwarding, Warehousing0.1756.1%2.3
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
BreakoutGENPOil Palm10.280.6%10.0
BreakoutSOPOil Palm2.692.3%10.0
BreakoutTSHOil Palm1.1318.3%8.5
BreakoutCEPATOil Palm, Oil Palm Products0.5654.6%8.3
BreakoutMALAKOFPower Station0.8854.7%8.0
BreakoutATTAIndustrial Products0.5612%5.5
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
Volume SpikeEUROFurniture0.1725.9%6.0
Volume SpikeGUNUNGTrading/Services0.338.2%5.8
Volume SpikeICONOil n Gas0.04512.5%5.0
Volume SpikeALAMOil n Gas0.1330%5.0
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
8 Days DropEFORCEICT0.525-12.5% 10.0
8 Days DropMAXISTelecommunication5.32-3.1% 10.0
8 Days DropMSMSugar0.905-7.7% 8.5
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
HammerFLBHDIndustrial Products1.04-1.9%10.0

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