Daily Alerts: 30/03/2020 - Happy Trading!
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %RatingStrength
AccumulationTOPGLOV-C57Glove0.260% 10.0A++
AccumulationMGRCTechnology0.195-7.1% 4.5A+
AccumulationOCNCASHIndustrial Products0.38-19.1% 10.0A
AccumulationRUBEREXGlove0.78518% 9.5A
AccumulationCOMFORTGlove0.82-4.1% 8.5A
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
ADX CrossoverCMMTREITS0.912.8% 9.5
ADX CrossoverKAREXConsumer Products0.4120.6% 9.3
ADX CrossoverTALIWRKToll, Waste Management, Water Treatment0.710.7% 9.3
ADX CrossoverSCGMIndustrial Products1.3728% 9.0
ADX CrossoverKSTARApparel, Footwear0.0740% 0.5
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
MACD CrossoverBOILERMWater Treatment0.43510.1%10.0
MACD CrossoverBTECHWater Treatment0.2154.9%10.0
MACD CrossoverDUFUICT3.081%10.0
MACD CrossoverJOHOTINFnB, Packaging Material1.173.5%10.0
MACD CrossoverKAWANFnB11.5%10.0
MACD CrossoverPANAMYElectrical Appliances26.481.3%10.0
MACD CrossoverPMBTECHAluminium2.711.1%10.0
MACD CrossoverLUXCHEMTrading/Services0.4457.2%10.0
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
BreakoutLKLMedical Products0.2417.1%6.0
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
Volume SpikeMLABTechnology0.0150%2.0
PatternTickerSectorPrice Change %Rating
HammerAEONShopping Mall1.10.9%10.0

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