Bursa Malaysia KLSE Index is a list of over 900 public companies listed in Main Market and Ace Market that allows you to view their company financial results which are retrieved from their company announcement quarterly. Financial results contain key financial information such as revenues, gross profit, nett profit, earnings per share, dividend per share and net assets per share.

Each KLSE Index company announced their quarter earnings at different timings of the year. As the process of retrieving financial results are lengthy and cumbersome with manual checking on the data. We try to update the financial results on the respective KLSE Index company pages as often as possible during the month.

Following fields are listed in tabular format in each KLSE Index page.

ANN = Announced Date, QTR = Quarter, No = Quarter Number, GPM = Gross Profit Margin, NPM = Nett Profit Margin, MKC = Market Capitalisation, REV = Revenue, PBT = Profit Before Tax, NP = Nett Profit, PATS = Profit Attribute to Shareholders, EPS = Earning Per Share, DPS = Dividend Per Share, NAPS = Net Asset Per Share, QEP = Quarter End of Day Price, ESI = Estimated Shares Issued

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